We help you with your needs.
What We Do
  1. Computer Related Technologies
    Computer Related Technologies
    We can help with all your computer related needs by providing your organization with latest secure methods of computer technologies to increase your productivity.
  2. Oil and Gas Sector
    Oil and Gas Sector
    We help with provisioning Crude Oil, Aviation Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuels and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) globally. We use our extensive network of resources to identify and deliver these products on a CIF basis only.
About Us
Bose Technolgies Incorporated, (Estb:1998) is a Consulting and Management Services company located in San Jose, California, USA.

We put our customers and employees first and use computer related technologies to fulfill your business needs. We firmly believe in the use of technology to increase productivity and meet our customers' business goals. That is why we take a consultative, personal approach to every client relationship, and build that relationship with each interaction.

We get to know you and your needs and goals. We look after your best interests. Indeed, clients return to us again and again because we are passionate about quality; are dedicated to customer service; run our business honestly; and employ great people.

Bose Technologies Inc.is a certfied Small Minority Owned Business Enterprise and a registered SAM vendor for the US Federal Goverment Agencies and the State of California. We primarirly service Area 9.

Bose Technolgies is an equal opportunity employer.